hlídání praha a okolí

We will take the best care of your little explorers

Our qualified sitters attend to your children with love and professional care, and our offered range of educational and creative programmes will naturally add to the growth of your child’s self-confidence.

We are happy to meet in person to talk about your visions.

Creative programmes are part of the Regular babysitting sessions.

Educational and revision classes are provided simultaneously during babysitting.

Verified, professional and energetic sitters.

We offer a specially designed individual plan that supports the child’s curiosity as well as emotional intelligence.

How does the babysitting work?

We look after the children where they feel safe – mostly at home.

Děti hlídáme tam, kde se cítí nejvíc v bezpečí. Nejčastěji doma.

Together we will master the journey to kindergarten or extracurriculars.

Společně zvládneme cestu do školky či kroužku

In our free time, we learn a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument.

Ve volném čase se učíme třeba anglicky nebo hrát na hudební nástroj.

While babysitting, we devote ourselves to creative activities and do crafts together.

Během hlídání se věnujeme kreativním činnostem, společně vytváříme.

For babies and toddlers

we have prepared beautiful fairytales to fall asleep to and we focus on the development of their memory and motor skills.

For preschoolers

we provide support for their natural desire to explore so they can grow into curious and confident children with interest in the world.

For your schoolchildren

we lend an ear and also happily help them with homework.

Everybody knows that our environment has a great influence on us and therefore it is vital who your children are accompanied by in their early life and what habits and kind of thinking they adopt.