Choose our exceptional babysitting

We offer exceptionally high standard babysitting services and always try to follow your wishes and any specific demands. Besides the Regular/Irregular babysitting and Babysitting in a foreign language services, you can add other special options such as further education and creative programmes. Regular babysitting already includes a weekly creative programme.

Regular babysitting

From 25 hrs/month + creative programme

220 Kč

Irregular babysitting

Up to 19 hrs a month

290 Kč

Babysitting in a foreign language

English, German etc.

+ 200 Kč

Educational and revision classes

Languages, primary-school subjects

+ 140 Kč

Individual development plan

Mgr. Michaela Svobodová, Ph.D.


Musical education

Flute, piano, singing

+ 200 Kč

Other siblings

For each other sibling

+ 30 Kč

Overnight babysitting

After 10pm

+ 30 Kč

Weekends, holidays

+ 30 Kč

The presented prices are for every initiated hour of babysitting and they include the time for the sitter to reach the babysitting location.

  • The minimal time of babysitting is 3 hours.
  • After 10 pm, the family provides a ride or overnight accommodation to the sitter.
  • Every creative programme lesson lasts for 45 minutes.
  • The creative activities in our Regular babysitting services are for children over 3 years and take place 1x/week.