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How does the babysitting work?

How does the babysitting work?

Choosing the right sitter for your family

We will first schedule a meeting or a call where you can share your ideas about babysitting and inform us about your requirements and your child’s health condition.

Based on this information, we will choose the perfect sitter who fits best into your family. Then it is all up to you — if you do not sense a mutual liking between the child and sitter during their first meeting, we will suggest an alternative sitter for you.

Meeting the sitter

We recommend that the first meeting takes place at your home or at the place where the sitter will usually take care of your child. It is favorable that the sitter not only meets you, but also learns about your family values and upbringing principles so that she can maximally adapt to them. You may also outline your child’s routine activities and the everyday running of your household that is closely related to the child’s routine.

Our tip: Speaking from our experience, it is very helpful to show the child a photograph of the sitter before their first meeting.